Portable Vacuum Separate Storage Bottle For Cosmetic

Portable Vacuum Separate Storage Bottle For Cosmetic

SKU: 0002

5ml/10ml accurate storage, fit a variety of skin care products, foundations, lotions, lotions, essences, etc.

Silicone leak-proof cover and detachable pushrod, sealed storage without leakage, convenient for travel use


    Different put-in methods of different bottle types

    Shallow mouth bottle: Align the liquid suction port with the liquid and gently pull the pushrod to absorb.

    Deep-mouth bottle: Install the pipette, insert it into the bottle, and gently pull the pushrod to absorb.

    Pump bottle: remove the pushrod first, align the port with the tail of the needle tube, squeeze the liquid, and then use the pushrod to push out the excess air.


    Tips for using the pushrod: Unplug the topmost leak-proof cover, tighten the joint between the silicone and the pushrod, pull out the pushrod, then push the rod vertically into the tube body, keep the silicone plug in parallel with the tube wall.


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