Top 6 Practical Kitchen Gadgets to Make You More Love Cooking

As we have seen in the famous American TV series Desperate Housewives, housewives have so many trifles to deal with every day, mowing the lawn, cleaning all the rooms, mopping the floors, washing clothes, cooking for the whole family, and so on. They ought to live an easier life. Now we will introduce some cute kitchen tools which will make housewives easier in kitchen. And even if you are not a housewife, you will probably be attracted by one of them.

If you like to make snacks and cookies and usually make them at home, you might have run into these problems for many times, the dough may be poured everywhere, your hands are covered with sticky batter, and even worse, your phone rings when you are kneading flour, then you have to wash your hands to answer the phone and wash again after finishing the call, to continue the kneading. You must be really annoyed by these problems, right?

Let me introduce you a wonderful, healthy and magic method to kneading dough, which can help you to solve this trouble – using soft porcelain kneading bag. This kneading dough bag is multifunctional usages, which is suitable for mixing flour, kneading dough, squeezing fruit and vegetable juice, making purees, beefsteak and mixing foodstuff, etc.. It’s a best tool as food processing and preservation bag. It’s acid, alkali, ageing resistances and can resist heat up to 230℃ and cold down to -40℃. And beyond that, this tool is pretty easy to use. First of all, pour some flour into this bag carefully. Secondly, add right amount of water into the bag. The third step, strap the top side of the bag tightly. And then, you can knead the dough in the bag at your own will and never be worried about the pouring flour and cleaning the kitchen. It’s a really good helper for housewives in the kitchen!

Most of us like eating fish as they are nutritious and delicious, but cleaning fish is not a that easy job. Have you ever seen fish scales flying everywhere when cleaning a fish? It’s really annoying, isn’t it? Now you will never be upset about that any more with this fish scaler! Its special design will make all the scraped fish scales collected in the space under the lid and your kitchen will be still clean! Let’s take this neat fish scaler to our kitchen right now!

Are you always annoyed at coring peppers when making the dinner? Digging the core out just by hand will easily make your hands sting. Don’t worry, here is a neat kitchen tool can help you out. Just insert the pointed tips of this pepper corer into the pepper, then twist and pull, and the core can be easily taken out. Pretty easy to use, right? This pepper corer will absolutely make coring peppers a breeze. In addition to that, it also works on some other fruits such as tomatoes or apples. It’s really great solution if you have any room left in your kitchen gadget drawer!

Egg is an indispensable part of our breakfast every day. Yes, eggs are good-tasting and can provide the nutrition that our body needs. And using this egg slicer, I’m sure you will more like eating eggs. It can easily cut boiled eggs into two different kinds of shapes with good-looking and the egg segments are more convenient to eat. Besides, it is easy to clean and never get moldy, and it will definitely become one of the cool kitchen gadgets.

Afraid of hurting yourself when you are peeling potato? No matter how you want your cheese or other foods grated, this Magic Stainless Steel Multi Grater can help you do it. With six different options, it’s the solution to every grating problem you have in your kitchen.
The high quality, durable construction is built to last, and the hexagonal shape stays sturdy even while you’re grating. The vegetable grater itself is crafted from stainless steel so it’s not only durable but also rust-resistant. This food grater also offers a stylish design that looks sleek on a counter-top, a non-skid base, and an easy-grip handle to ensure ease and efficiency in slicing and grating. It’s everything you need in one easy-to-use tool!

Wow, look at this lovely cockerel, can it crow? Oh, no no, it’s a fake cockerel so it cannot crow, but the alarm will go off to remind you something when times up. Sometimes you might forget the cooking time when you are busy for other things, and this kitchen timer can remind you in time with long ring chime. It’s really a good helper for you to arrange time and cope with series of things, and this stunner can be adsorbed on the refrigerator with magnet at the bottom. It can also be a cute decoration for your kitchen as its lovely design. You are gonna love it!

After checking these original cooking utensils, do you think cooking is becoming a little more interesting? These cool kitchen gadgets can not only help you do your cooking easier, but also as adorable decoration for your kitchen as their cute design!