How to Choose The Right Lighting for Your Room

Light has played an important role in people’s life since it was invented since 19th century, because it can not only provide lighting for people in the dark evening, but also be a great decoration for the room. How do you usually pick contemporary lighting for your room? What kinds of lighting do you like? Here are some suggestions I hope will be helpful for you.

If you are fond of ingenious and creative things in life, I recommend some original lamps for you. What will come into your mind at first sight of this weird desk lamp? Yes, the shape of it is just like bleeding on the table. This bleeding desk lamp surely gives us great visual impact. Why not place it on your desk? It can not be a functional table lamp, but also a cool art at home.


If you want to make your room snug and comfort, a modern lighting with soft flowing shape and halo may be your favorite choice. There is a song sang by Beyonce Knowles, “Baby I can feel your halo. Pray it won’t fade away. I can do your halo (halo, halo) I can feel your halo (halo, halo), I can see your halo (halo, halo), I can feel your halo (halo, halo).” It has a similar atmosphere with this light. This gorgeous wall lamp features a loop shaped diffuser, its shape and shadow create perfect impact. The light source is mounted in the base of the shade, and when illuminated on the wall, it is diffused through its soft flowing shape to brilliant effect and add your room some romantic and peaceful vibe.


Do you like DIY? How about trying to assemble a lamp only by yourself? Then simply-style modern ceiling lights will be the right choice and will make a twist to your house design. The stunning appearance as an exploding ball appearance will surely make your friends’ eyes open. Delicately carved pieces are deliberately assembled together to emit lighting toward random directions. In addition to that, assembling it by yourself will definitely make you feel great and proud of yourself. All the components are in the same 0.6mm specification. The pieces are rigid and it may cause some pain so do wear gloves. It will represent a compact and forceful manner of state after assembly.


If you are a person who loves smiling and want your room easy and joyful, then I think you might like the following designer lighting. It is a robot desk lamp with smiling face seems to be saying “Aha, do you feel happy when see me? Come on, Let me give you a big warm hug”. You can also assemble it by yourself and then let it be a good buddy to accompany with you with its smiling face. Particularly, if you have kids, they will absolutely like the robot lamp and make the lamp be a good playmate with your kids!


You may prefer to some simple styles rather than those above lamps, that’s OK, there are still options for you. A simple round ball lamp is a good choice. The light is gentle yellow which can give you romantic feeling. Especially, when you have baby, it is so soft and cozy and never too dazzling to baby. Pure white frosted glass cover adds more elegant accent to your home. It ‘s also containing exquisite and refined texture catches attentions. This white round ball bedside lighting indeed becomes a must to your home and a perfect gift for friends if you like.


Sometimes a small decoration can make great change in your room, and your room probably become stunning because of your lighting. I hope my suggestions can help you a little.