5 Home Accessories to Make Life Easier and Cozier

Home is a place that can make us relax and enjoy easy living. It’s a place where we can gather with family members to enjoy family relationships harmony, a place where we can have a happy party with our friends to enjoy the friendship, and a place where we can just stay alone, listening some soft music and drinking some wine. Since home is playing such an important role in our life, we need to decorate it to a place as comfortable as we can. Here are some easy life furniture might be helpful.

Look at these bright green coasters, it seems to be easier and happier when seeing them. Do you feel a little tired? why not take a cup of coffee from this stunner, and calm down your nervous body now? These creative bright green cup mats can hold your coffee mugs and protect your desk from being burned. It can not play an role as a cup coaster, but also add some bright colors to your room as an excellent home decoration.

cup coaster
Do you get cross with the door as it slams closed for the third time? With this cute maple leave door stopper, you’ll make sure that door stays where you want it! And when heavy wind comes, this lovely stunner can help to protect your doors. It’s so cute and helpful, isn’t it?

door stopper
Do you feel your closet is a little crowded? Do you want to extend some space for your new dresses? Oh, no no, you don’t need to purchase a new closet and a magic clothes hanger can help you out! This stunner has two cardan joints at each side of it and can be twirled easily so that it’s very convenient to hang and pick up clothes. When using in the closet with both two ends hanging, many clothes can be hanged on it. But only if you take down one end, clothes will slack down to one side and the closet can be saved a lot space! A really unique home decor and so practical!

Fruit juice is an important part of our dinner since it is both nutritional and good tasting, and squeezing juice by ourselves even makes us feel better. Now here is a manual juice extractor can make it easy! This hand juice extractor is soft and Eco-friendly as its silicone material and very simple to use. Just hold the surface of the juicer and press hard, then fresh juice will flow along the bottom of the juicer. It’s so convenient and interesting!

Aha, look, how lovely these colorful birds are! Guess what are they used for? Yeah, they are fruit sticks! Remove the fruit stones and cube the flesh, enjoy the fruit cubes with these bird shaped fruit sticks, with these birds as if to be singing in the tree! How beautiful life is! Except its cute and creative design, to be safe and Eco-friendly is another advantage of it. You must be really attracted to them as me, right?

A small home decor may make great change. So sometimes you don’t need to purchase luxurious furniture and a cheap home decor could also give you a surprise. How do you like those above home gadgets? I hope my suggestions can help you a little.