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About Living123

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We are living123.com. Here comes the word “living”, but what is living? Living is all about life, is about how we live our life. Life is rose, beautiful and fragrant, but sometimes it hurts and is painful due to its sting. Life is sea, charming and peaceful, but sometimes it is of chaos and boils. Life can be what as the poet writes-

Life is a gift—accept it.
Life is a struggle—face it.
Life is a song—sing it.
Life is an adventure—dare it.
Life is beauty—praise it.
Life is a mystery—unfold it.
Life is a game—play it.
Life is a puzzle—solve it.
Life is an opportunity—take it.
Life is a goal—achieve it.
Life is a mission—fulfill it.
Life is it—live it.

That is, how we live it, or say how we deal with it, is what life is. So living123.com is to create a life we love it. We design, produce and collect the most creative stuffs in the world to help you create and live a personalised and original life, to enjoy from our everyday life.

We stick to provide products with simplicity and uniqueness in design, convenience and ease in use.

We are trying to make shopping on Living123.com a happy, efficient and uncommon experience; people can always enjoy the pleasure of shopping offline. For Living123, this means many things. It is about providing our customers with the widest choice of creative and quality merchandises, at fair prices; or about offering the right stuff for the right customers in an easy and quick way. But it also means making the most effective use of our valuable resources and respecting the environment. What we do is to make you “love & live”.

Just as a song sings “but if it's not love that you need, then I’ll try my best to make everything succeed”, so just let us know, we’ll try our best to make everything you love.

Our Vision: To be the most wonderful place where people love to go

Our Goal : To make all our customers’ lives creative and original

Our core values
• Best for living and health
• Being Passionate and Positive
• Delivering WOW through Service

Our Promise: Live with love, live with less